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There are 1.15 million families on Council waiting lists for social housing in the U.K.

BBC News | 12 Aug 2018

There are 3750 recorded persons sleeping rough every night in the UK - but there are many more unrecorded.

BBC News | 11 Aug 2018

30 thousand new homes for low, affordable rent ARE NOT being built each year - so that low-paid workers are forced into high private sector rentals - which increases poverty in the U.K.

Katie Schmucker of Rowntree Foundation | Aug 2018

Flood damage can occur almost anywhere in the USA.
There are 820 sites known in the UK that are prone to flooding. 540 of these have no or minimal defences – even after the recent floods last year.
Only 280 are protected but are not 'guaranteed'.
Future UK storms are predicted to be so much worse than before.

BBC News | 8 Sept 2016

7.6 K people living alone – creating loneliness epidemic.
73 K people in temporary accommodation.
3.5 K on the Streets (no fixed abode).
300K people on Council – housing waiting lists.
90 K Children are homeless in in the UK.
"Living on a knife edge & wanting to be safe".

BBC Horizon | Newsnight 2016 Background Figures

As of November 2017 homeless and occupants of tempororary accommodation now exceed 250 K and rising.

BBC News

Past drought and flooding in Australia covering area equivalent to Germany and France combined.

Referring to my past 2014 Statements "what are we going to do?"

Diasters cause homelessness as this picture from the Daily Mail highlights

Flooding creates demand for temporary accommodation