A safer place in a difficult environment

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The Arkhome modular design concept was initially targeted for the World's disaster zone areas and they still remain a key area of obvious need.

Arkhomes will provide a quick, easy to assemble solution to counter the effects of flooding/homelessness, natural disasters and war zones where these emergencies require rapid protecting/accommodation without the necessity of heavy lorries, tools, cranes or other lifting equipment associated (major cost saving). The individual provided sections of the total kit can be lifted and assembled by two or more able-bodied persons.

The design can be adapted to also provide 6 meter wide meeting room, shelters, refugee dormitories etc. exactly to customers' requirements and all can be personalised externally to fit in with local cultural styles (i.e. Nepalese mountain village suffering landslide).

The modular system allows a versatile and flexible plan layout to provide a safe dry place in a difficult environment. The flexible nature of the design will ensure a high degree of adaptation to challenging sites and usage.

Roy Turner seeks a manufacturing partner after the prototype is assembled to liaise with the various humanitarian agencies/charities that could benefit from the Arkhomes concept. It is hoped that the government and various support centres can be ready in key areas around the World for rapid transportation from factories.

Actual selling prices can only be announced after the prototype is assembled and unit costs then calculated on the basis of number required however Arkhomes is a low-cost low overheads answer compared to conventional construction and all the inherent problems associated with it.

Meeting Room Potential Usage