A safer place in a difficult environment

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The images indicated here are mainly to show the 5 ½ bay prototype to be assembled soon in Cirencester town for public scrutiny.

However the initial marketing strategy will offer a group of 4 complementary living modules consisting of two standalones (living) and two add-on units (service module & living/sleeping+) however, the modular system permits reduction and extension of the plan form, to suit personal requirements and available budget.

The image, marked "potential usage" indicates some various possibilities utilizing the 4 initial modules. The system has been designed to cope with a north European climate (one of most rigorous in world) but can easily be adapted/amended to deal with any others.

These housing modules can be sited in a number of locations including, released Greenfield peripheral sites, the 2 million Brownfield sites in the UK available now, and in any required domestic home-garden site.

They will be significantly low-cost, compared to conventional construction methods and actual selling prices can only be announced after the prototype is assembled and unit costs calculated at time of ordering.

An extra feature (optional) for the Arkhomes will be a dedicated floatation kit for at-risk flood locations (2 levels of protection will be made available to purchase).

Meeting Room Potential Usage